Before making a final decision on your chosen style or art , students should always visit the class and talk to the Instructor and other students.
Common questions to ask:

How much will classes cost?
          How many classes do you get for monthly payments?
          Are there any additional costs? Uniforms, equipment,
            enrolment fees or Grading charges? They all add up.
          Ask the Instructor about their background. Are they still
          Does the Instructor take the class or are they run by senior
          How big are the classes? Will you get enough one on one
            time with the Instructor?
          Are there grades or levels? Are these held within class time
             or at separate times?

And finally, look around the class. Are the students having fun? Is it too formal or perhaps not formal enough for you? Is it clean, welcoming and friendly?
At City Krav Maga we recognise that there are many reasons why people choose a reality based self defence system. We know that aims, ambitions and circumstances can change. Whether you come for one lesson to see what City Krav Maga is about, try it for a month or stay with us until you qualify as an Instructor, you will always be welcome, valued and treated with respect.


"There are many paths to the mountain top,
but we all see the moon from the summit"  
Ancient Bushido Proverb

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