Q. Do I need to have any previous Martial Arts experience?
A. No. Everything you need to know will be taught in our classes.

Q. But don't I need to be super-fit though?
A. No. Exercise at your own level, and push yourself a little more at each
Our techniques will work for you whatever your level of fitness.
Q. What about all the equipment and clothing?
A. We suggest that you wear comfortable sports based clothing. Tracksuits,
    leggings, t-shirts and trainers are ideal. All the equipment is provided
    by us.

Q. Is there an age limit?
A. Children's lessons are not available. Students should be over 18,
    although in exceptional circumstances, 16-17 year olds will be accepted.
    There is
no upper age limit. We should all live without fear of attacks.
Q. How are classes run?
A. Classes last between 1 -2 hours. Warm ups, stretches, cardio
    work and techniques will blend together to challenge you,
    but not overwhelm you.
    Class etiquette means that mobile phones should be switched off and
Q. Will I learn to defend myself against weapons?
A.  Yes, students learn how to deal with knives, bottles, baseball bats, and
right from your first class.

Q. Are there any rules while I'm training?
A. The paradox is that while there are no rules in a fight, you should never
    injure yourself or training partner during class. Pressure testing the
    techniques you
have learned should not result in injury either.

Q. Why should I chose City Krav Maga?
A. Some of the best reasons....
     Specifically designed to deal with today's street climate in Britain.
     100% pressure tested.                                        
     Quick and easy to learn.                                      
     No fancy names and footwork to remember this is a modern system.

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