City Krav Maga

City Krav Maga has been developed because almost no other Martial Art style has been specifically designed for the types of violent assault typically encountered here in the U.K. We will show you techniques to deal with all of the most common attacks, including:
                         Chokes, punches and kicks
                         Baseball bats and pool cues
                         Multiple attackers
                         Improvised weapons
                         Ground work
                         Firearm threats

Students also learn how to cope with the psychological and physiological effects of an aggressive encounter. Other benefits include increased co-ordination skills, improved fitness and more self confidence. To prepare the body and mind for a wide range of

scenarios, students will also:
                         Train outside
                         Use techniques that simulate drunkenness
                         Train in low light
                         Learn to deal with verbal threats
City Krav Maga has been developed to help anyone - regardless of size, weight, age and fitness - deal with the aggressive threats and assaults that are becoming ever more common in our everyday lives.



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