Owen Culverhouse
Founder of City Krav Maga

I started martial arts when I was still at school, studying Judo, and moved on to Karate three years later when I was 15. Although Seni Tiki Donovan taught me well, I felt that this style was not for me, and I left after two years, determined to find the 'right' art for me.
Around this time, like many people, I started watching the BBC TV series  'The Way of the Warrior'. I had discovered Kung Fu and Wing Chun! I studied under Master Simon Lau, and thought that I had finally found the art for me. However, internal politics split the Wing Chun world, and the class was closed.
Another martial art, another path, soon opened before me: Aikido, which I loved. Its moves and style amazed me, but I
soon discovered that few strikes are shown in Aikido, because traditionally a student was already a first Dan in Karate. Although I stayed with the art for over four years, I finally left after being told that 'some techniques won't work on someone my size' Surely, I reasoned, it either works on all opponents, or it's pointless.
I moved on to traditional English Martial Arts: swords, daggers and archery. This was my first experience of 'pressure testing'. Any art or style can be taught in the dojo, but when it's for real? That's a different story. There's no time to consider size, techniques and fancy footwork when someone has a sword or knife and is really attacking you! I moved on to ju-jitsu for three years, but despite enjoying the lessons, I felt that this style too was not for me. I felt dispirited, and wondered if I would ever find the 'right' art....

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